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Teaching ESL Online can seem like a piece of cake. However, an experienced online Teacher would tell you otherwise. Teaching online, in fact, is perhaps one of the toughest, it can be quite a challenge even for a native speaker or a grammar master. Why? Well simply put, knowing English is only half of the requirement. To become a competent Teacher, you must overcome a challenge that everyone finds difficult to master—fostering a fun and interactive teaching atmosphere!

Your pronunciation, diction, and syntax might all be on fleek but without a lively and interesting mood, you will struggle to keep your students engaged. At First Future we believe that Students who are engaged and enjoying their lessons will have more success in reaching the desired learning outcomes. We believe that our Teachers should be both instructive and entertaining! We are also aware that achieving this balance can be tough. That is why we asked some of our veteran Teachers and Trainers for some tips on how to sustain a fun and energetic learning environment. Below is a video wherein Trainer Jayce gives 5 ways on how to practice a friendly demeanor in teaching English online:

Interested in teaching online? At First Future, you never have to worry when things get out of control. We support you! Teach comfortably at home.

If you would like to join us and thousands of other Teachers from around the world earning extra income online then apply here:

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