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Since the ESL industry has been around the country for several decades, the market naturally became saturated with a constantly abundant supply of English teachers. After all, in a country where English is widely spoken, it is no surprise that a lot of people would resort to teaching English online as a source of income. In a place where a lot of people could easily become English teachers, how can one rise above and get noticed?

We had been relentlessly sharing tips on how to effectively conduct lessons but we all know that being competent does not only require class management skills. So, in an attempt to help everyone, become a better teacher, we came up with some simple yet fail-proof ways on how you can step-up your teaching game!

1. Utilize your resources

It is fortunate that we live in a world where there is almost literally an app for everything — including learning and teaching a language! A wise teacher would use this to his/her advantage!

There are dozens of online and offline resources that one can use to maximize learning and teaching.

Need to proofread a gruesome essay? Install Grammarly and other similar writing tools.

Need a bunch of new words for an advanced learner? Try, Magoosh, Kindle Vocabulary Builder, and other similar apps. You can check out this blog on how you can use Vocabulary Builder on your Kindle.

Want to sound like a native speaker? Listen to hundreds of free podcasts or watch tutorial videos during your idle hours. On Spotify for example, you can just look for the keywords “English podcast” and it will show you a lot already.

The possibilities are endless if you put in a little effort. Instead of binge-watching your series of choice during your free time, why not give these apps a try?

2. Master your craft (one area at a time)

Although it is easy to learn for most of us, English still remains a difficult language to master. It is continuously evolving and becoming more dynamic. A competent English teacher would not take this fact for granted.

Mastering English requires time and dedication. Similar to many other skills, mastering one area at a time would be a great strategy. It is wise to work on areas where you constantly get criticized. It can be grammar, pronunciation, or diction perhaps? The choice is yours to make. It is just crucial that you choose to start improving.

3. Benchmark!

Another thing that we must not take for granted is the availability of potential mentors and role models. We at First Future have a good number of veterans and performing teachers. Getting close to these people would surely help lift your scorecards! How?

Practice healthy benchmarking. Compare your classes to the ones conducted by top performers. Notice the differences and similarities. Observe and examine. Replicate the things that work for them. These things might help you become better!

As much as we can, we try to always provide the best support for every Teacher. The support of the Team Supervisors and Team Leaders are always available when needed, may it be technical or personal — they are always there to guide you. YouTube videos and blog content are also being provided for different tips & tricks from the Mentors and Support Team. We suggest you subscribe to our YouTube channel and blog site to get the latest tips and tricks.

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It wouldn’t hurt if you befriend our top performers and trainers as well. Not only will you learn, but both you and your mentor will also surely have fun — a win-win situation!

4. Get certified!

Last but definitely not least, get yourself some legitimate certifications. First Future offers exclusive certifications to its employees. You have the option to take either the TKT or TESOL certification based on your tenure.

Last but definitely not least, get yourself some legitimate certifications. First Future offers exclusive certifications to its employees. You have the option to take either the TKT or TESOL certification based on your tenure.

You can even grab them both if you’ve been with the company for at least a year already. If this all sounds foreign until now, do yourself a favor and contact our Employee Relations Specialist, Ms. Marlie del Rosario from the HR Department.

Interested in teaching online? At First Future, you never have to worry when things get out of control. We support you! Teach comfortably at home.

If you would like to join us and thousands of other Teachers from around the world earning extra income online then apply here:

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