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Technology has paved the way for another efficient way of gaining and sharing knowledge in the form of online teaching. It adapts the traditional method of teaching and places it in a different medium accessible through computers, gadgets, and the Internet.

Like in a traditional setting, teachers in online classes should also plan, innovate and stimulate discussions, communicate regularly, motivate students, ask for feedback, and set up an adequate working environment. Teachers should know the best equipment to use and how to effectively and efficiently present themselves. To help in this aspect, we have listed down the equipment and the things you must have and consider in teaching online:


Online classes basically depend on Internet connection, so it is essential that you choose a network speed of 10 Mbps or faster. Anything lower than 10 Mbps might lead to lags and intermittent internet connection. Moreover, 50 Mbps is rated very good, and 100 Mbps is excellent. It is important to take note that due to network stability issues, Wi-Fi & 4G connections are NOT recommended. You can check the list of the Best Internet Service Providers of 2019.


A slow and constantly crashing computer can definitely ruin your way, so it is advisable to choose a computer – either a desktop or a laptop – with better specifications. One of our recommendations in looking for a computer is to go with those that have Intel i3 and AMD A8 processors (especially for desktop users).

The Acer Swift 3 is a recommended budget laptop to start online teaching. With a 14-inch Full HD display and an 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor, it will surely get you all set to conduct classes.


Know that a high-quality video encourages children more since they are visual and would prefer to see you clearly. It is important to take note that webcams must be USB type. However, if your laptop already has a high-quality, built-in camera, then there is no need to add this external accessory. We highly recommend Logitech’s webcams for their impressive features at a reasonable price. You can also check this list of the Best Webcams of 2019


Since online teaching is a two-way communication, it is important to have a headset that functions well in which you can clearly hear and also deliver a comprehensible voice output. In buying a headset, it must be USB type and should include noise reduction. Headsets that have jack plugs are not recommended. Here are The 7 Best USB Headsets of 2019.


Online teaching is audio-visual; thus, it is important to present a good learning environment and setup. 

This can be achieved by making sure that your place does not distract your students but encourages them. You can have colorful backdrops that are attractive to the children’s eyes. Be in a quiet area and make sure that you are getting enough lighting. This video of Teacher Daryl can help you further with your environment and teaching setup.

My Perfect Class: How To Setup Your Perfect Class


The use of props and realia in class discussions is a big advantage in making online teaching more engaging and interactional. It is important to take note that the props should be attractive enough. It is also important to use realia, which are real-life educational objects that aid you in teaching.

Another noteworthy fact is that learning also has obstacles like children losing interest or throwing tantrums. Thus, it’s helpful to have stuffed toys and puppets within arm’s reach in order to calm them. Funny headbands, headgears, and masks are also encouraged so that children won’t get scared or intimidated while you’re facing them. 

Keep in mind that props and realia are like double-ended toy swords. As a teacher, you should strategize how to use them. You may consider the brands Melissa & Doug and Trend Enterprises to catch your students’ attention. Here’s Teacher Adam’s video explaining the use of props and realia.

My Perfect Class: Props and Realia

Online teaching should be maximized and used efficiently for the benefit of both teacher and student. This can be possible if we consider the quality of the equipment and accessories that would improve the way you present your lessons and yourself. Education and technology go hand in hand in making learning better, easier, and fun. One way of improving the output is generously improving the equipment and the process.

Good luck to the future of online education!

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